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Surface: 3,000m²

Es pinar is a Pine Forest area, a space that would not exist if it were not for our father's love for our mother. When our mother inherited the estate, there wasn't a single pine tree on the entire property, and one of our mother's greatest wishes was for the estate to have a pine forest where she could enjoy the shade while strolling beneath the trees.

Forty years later, here it is: a forest full of Pinus halepensis, pinus pinae, and pinus ceciliae, whose foundation is undoubtedly love.

Celebrating the ceremony under the watchful gaze of the pine trees on the estate that have grown over the years to create an incredible pine forest is undoubtedly one of the best options the estate offers to say "I DO".

Capacity by set-up:
Banquet 250 pax
Appetizers / Cocktail 500 pax
Ceremony / Theater 250 pax

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